Maryland Restoration understands the devastating loss caused by water, fire, wind, and other disasters. At a time when your client or own family are stressed out enough, you do not need to add more issues. We know you need hassle-free, friendly, prompt, and highly trained professionals who have experience in moving fast to prove great services for you or your customers. Our team responds with great care and makes you a priority. We promise to exceed your restoration and cleanup needs because we know our work is about more than property restoration. It’s ultimately about serving the people who live and work in the spaces we repair. We have been doing this for over 37 years and will continue to stand by all jobs big and small.

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Emergency Services

Insurance companies can take a long time, we will not add to that process.  We work fast and in a transparent manner that keeps our customers coming back for decades when they or people they know need our services.

Priority Assistance

Flooding in the Baltimore area seems to happen more and more frequently, we know time is of the essence to get the property back to everyday living and we setup appointments usually within 24 hours.


Using state-of-the-art software we are able to make sure invoices and job plans are triple checked for accuracy insuring the lowest rates possible during the project timeline.

Our Restoration Services

Maryland Restoration Services offers can assist you with any type of damage to your home or business.  We specialize in helping you get your life back to normal. We are trusted across the Baltimore Maryland area for all types of restoration services.

Some of the services we can assist with:

Water Damage:

Cleaning up water damage prevents problems with mold.  Mold remediation can be costly and may result in a lengthy repair process.  Removing water quickly and addressing flood damage properly will prevent mold growth and save you time and money. Your flooded carpet is the least of your concerns; water will travel under walls, under cabinets, through insulation inside walls, and almost anywhere.

Mold Abatement:

Maybe you recently discovered a leaky pipe under your sink, or maybe you didn’t properly take care of that overflowing toilet.  Don’t panic, we can help you with your mold remediation project.  Mold remediation can be a scary process and there’s a large amount of fear and propaganda out there relating to mold cleanup.  We’ll help ease your mind and work with you to clean up your mold damaged property in a timely and cost effective manner.

Fire Damage:

Fire damage can consume every aspect of your life.  Most homeowners and business owners have never experienced smoke damage; fortunately we’ve been there before.  Smoke damage restoration is a complex problem that requires specialty cleaning supplies and equipment.  Soot and other chemical compounds can permeate nearly everything in a building. Are you tired of cleaning and re-cleaning everything only to have that smoke odor return?  We have the training and equipment needed to remove smoke, soot, and odor from your property.

Full Service Restoration

We come to you within an hour of the emergency and stay with you until you’ve moved back in and have that last picture hung on the wall. It’s important to us to give you the absolute best service we can by taking care of literally everything, and also by being your advocate for insurance.


Post Construction Cleaning


Water, Fire and Mold Mitigation 



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